Academics Information

Lightway Academy designs and operates a well – rounded curriculum for the provision of broad – based, balanced, relevant and differentiated education. It is our vision and mission to give our students high quality education that is exciting, challenging, inspiring, meaningful and dynamic.

Our School Curriculum

The school offers the basic subjects like Mathematics, English, ICT, Phonics, Basic Science & Technology, Handwriting, Civic Education, Cultural & Creative Arts, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Social Studies, Home Economics, C.R.S. , Hausa, French, Igbo, Vocational Aptitude, Agricultural Science, Speech Transition, Biology, Physics, Economics, Accounting, Commerce, Geography, Further Maths, Government, Technical Drawing etc.

Our Curriculum Aims At:

. Preparing out pupils/ students for useful living in their contemporary society.
. Preparing them to transit into higher education with ease.
. Providing them with a diversified curriculum with great future opportunities.
. Inspiring their creative, possibilities and positive reasoning minds.
. Equipping them to live effective in our modern age of science and technology.
. Raising a generation of people who can think independently, respect others’ views and feelings,

. Appreciate the values of society and live commendable lives.

Exam Assesments
Lightway Academy regards assessment as an integral part of learning. We conduct at least 3 C.A. Tests each term which add up to the final termly results.

Homework is taken seriously, and it also contributes to the final results.

Employment Opportunities
A career with LIGHTWAY ACADEMY prepares you for life. Working with us offers you the opportunity for wholesome growth. LIGHTWAY ACADEMY is the perfect place to kick-start your career. We offer many benefits and programs for our employees, which helps attract talented, hard-working individuals across a wide variety of fields and interests.